Top Ten Safari Attractions in Asia

Do you like safaris? Would like to travel to Asia? Combine these two adventures for an amazing jaw- dropping experience from Safari Attractions in Asia. Asia has a wealth of exotic wildlife, some rarely found anywhere else in the world. You can marvel at the pandas in china, gawk at tigers in India and see much more around the continent. Come with us as we explore the ten best safari destinations in the continent.

1. Shaanxi Foping National Nature Reserve

Home to the rarest bear in the world, the panda, and the golden monkey (another rare species), this game reserve is China’s hidden secret. You have to walk a few miles uphill to see the golden monkeys because the reserve is huge. Enjoy the view of pandas chewing on bamboo at Foping National Reserve. Take nice shots of the rare monkeys and enjoy excellent service at the on-premise hotel.


2. Ranthambore National Park, India

Famous for its beautiful tiger population, Ranthambore has become a favorite with many safari seekers. Visit in the summer to increase your chance of spotting a tiger. Apart from the remarkable tigers, one can sight hyenas, leopards and some fantastic fauna. Ranthambore Fort is one of the Parks incorporated in Bali Safari.


3. Bali Safari and Marine Parks

Bali Safari and Marine Park lies in beautiful Indonesia. It is home to numerous hippos, wildebeest and lions. Apart from animal watching, it offers amusement areas and water parks, where you get to enjoy many water sports. Carry your family along and enjoy all that park has to offer.

4. Xe Pian National Protected Area

Lao’s Xe Pian National Protected Area is known worldwide for its gibbon population. Never heard of gibbons? These are some of the most interesting apes in existence. Xe Pian is also home to some more rare species of bears. Catch a glimpse of dolphins at the three rivers within.

5. Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Among the seven hundred species of wildlife available in this sanctuary, the rhinoceros and vultures stand out most. Chitwan teems with these animals thanks to the consistent rehabilitation efforts put in place by the government. Enjoy a magnificent bird watching experience at Chitwan. Survey foxes, striped hyenas, leopards and a host of other wildlife up close and take beautiful photos of Chitwan’s beautiful fauna.

6. Ladakh, India

Tucked away at the edge of the Himalayas, Ladakh is a site to behold. Catch the breathtaking snow leopard at its habitat and marvel at blue sheep and brown bears. If you are lucky, you may even cite the golden hawk. Talk to a few locals to fully immerse yourself into the area culture.

7. Nagarhole National Park, India

Another of India’s amazing parks, Nagarhole allows you to behold elephants at their natural environment. Elephants here immerse themselves in the dense bushes and thicket. Beholding the elephant will take hours of scouring but it is totally worth the search.

8. Kushiro Marshlands Hokkaido, Japan

If you enjoy bird watching, you will certainly fall in love with this place. Hokkaido is nestled deep in elegant Japan. Let the site of cranes dipping and jumping mesmerize you as you take amazing photos of thousands of sea-cranes. Visit the nearby Akan National Park if you are staying for long in the area.

9. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

It is not often that you see a Komodo dragon. In fact, you probably have never seen one. Marvel at this rare creature at this lovely national park by joining Bali Safari. Komodo is located on the Lesser Sunda Islands and an additional three islands. Apart from seeing the Komodo, you will be within the range of an array of spectacular sandy beaches. The wealth of marine life, coral reefs and beaches make this park an excellent safari destination for any avid diver.

10. Gorkhi-terelj National Park, Mongolia

Not many places provide the option of a horseback ride among spectacular wildlife. Gorkhi-terelj offers this option. Ride through the park with your pals as you enjoy the sight of brown bears and over two hundred species of birds. Apart from animal watching, you get to participate and live like a nomad with the area residents, do rock-climbing and shop at the many tourist shops located in the area. The presence of tourist camps within the premise means that you can spend a few days there.