Who is not attracted by the lure of fame and prize money in the amount of fantastic? The total prize tournaments this game you can live a lifetime without work!

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Maybe at first people to play the game just for fun or even unwind from everyday activities. But in line with the development of the gaming industry in recent years, the population of gamers appear to continue to grow.


From whose community had probably been labeled negative and cupu, now beginning to be taken seriously and have a cool impression in the eyes of society. In fact, not a few people who are lucky enough to be able to make money and to react further in the context of the so-called profession professional gamers.

It thus can be seen not separated from the number of the competition or tournament games held in various places, both smaller scale up to international standards. No half-hearted, the prize offered was able to make glaring by the amount.

Here are seven tournament games with the biggest prize ever:

1. The International 2015 ($ 18,429,613.05 = Rp 256 billion)

Dota 2 tournament game followed by about 16 teams and 80 best players had a total prize of about 256 billion rupiah. At this tournament, the team Evil Geniuses had won the first prize.

2. The International 2014 ($ 10,931,103.00 = Rp 142 billion)

The second position is held by The International tournament to bring into Dota 2 in the previous year. This gives a total tournament prize predecessor approximately 142 billion rupiah. Imagine what we could do with that much money many!

3. Asian Dota 2 Championship ($ 3,057,521.00 = Rp 42 billion)

Again game Dota 2 into one of the game’s most much loved and made many promoters often make a tournament. DAC 2015 has taken place in Shanghai, China followed by 20 teams and 100 players this gives a total prize of $ 3,057,521.00 or approximately 42 billion rupiah.

4. Major Frankfurt 2015 ($ 3,000,000.00 = Rp 41 billion)

Dota 2 tournament game which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany is providing a total prize equivalent to the nominal 41 billion rupiah!

5. The International 2013 ($ 2,874,407.00 = Rp 39 billion)

Still with The International as the prestigious championship in the eyes of the lovers Dota 2. 39 billion rupiah is not a small amount, but the tournament The International held in 2013 was willing to give a total prize value as such. At this tournament, the team Alliance won first title.

6. Smite World Championship 2015 ($ 2,612,259.00 = Rp 36 billion)

The tournament was attended by around 8 teams and 40 players who play the game Smite. Championship which took place earlier in the year in Atlanta has a total purse of around 36 billion rupiah.

7. League of Legends World Championship 2014 ($ 2,130,000.00 = Rp 29 billion)

League of Legends is one game that made his tournament at the international level which if followed by some countries with a total prize of about 29 billion. At this tournament, the first prize disabet by Korea.